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The most excellent service to develop and implement growth strategies.
 Many fields of expertise available, having fixed and OTE based fees. 

Benefit from disruptions in the digital and sustainable world
to maximize your long-term value.

Armana Business Development

Strategic assets of today, are the commodities of tomorrow.  
 Our role is to develop and implement growth strategies for our customers to benefit extensively from
digital and sustainable developments.

Organised in teams, we help small and midsized companies
 to act as a bridge between innovation and execution to be become disrupt proof and maximize growth.

Field of expertise

Our team covers:
- Business administration;
- Financial management; 
- Human resource management;
- Sales and marketing.

- IT infrastructure;
- IT business applications;
- IT software development;
- IT security and privacy.

- Smart grid;
- Hydrogen energy; 
- Wind energy;
- Solar energy.


We are multilingual with a work(ing) experience and network in/throughout:
- Belgium;
- Brazil;
- Canada;
- Denmark;
- Germany;
- The Netherlands;
- Portugal;
- Sweden;
- Switzerland.
- United Kingdom;
- United States;

Branch experience

- Education;
- Health;
- Housing agencies;
- IT;
- Services:
   * Financial/legal services;
   * Engineering agencies; 
   * Employment services;
   * Sport and health.
- Tooling industry:
   * Aerospace;
   * Automotive;
   * Defense;
   * Sustainable energy.

Acting as a bridge between innovation and execution
Commencing with the entrepreneur's goal. It will be a mix of idealism to create an artificial baby and becoming financial independent. Change is not the goal itself, we want to survive in the long run. The baby has to become a child and grow up. 

Our concept business development as a service creates long term value. Besides digital and sustainable innovations, we make your organisation more flexible, increase (international) sales and marketing capabilities, and increase cost effectiveness. This to maximize your adaptability within an increasing dynamic world.


Business Developers are responsible for designing and implementing growth strategies.
Supported by the Consultancy Team and the Technology Team, they apply the optimal mix of market and technology expertise to turn innovation into execution.

Roy Drissen

Business Developer

Anouk Hendrikx

Business Developer

Janine Peeters

Personal Assistant


Delivering specialized services, our consultants support
 the Business Team to maximize long-term value.

Anja Mantelers

Sales Back Office Consultant

Hans Noort

Business Consultant

Judith Oostra

Partner new business services


Partners and technology consultants supporting business development as a service.

Jo van den Beucken

Business Consultant Energy

Georg Grabner

Partner IT Architect

Martijn Hoes

Partner IT Consultant


Our customers are scale ups, mid-sized companies and governmental agencies.


KIREMA Cloud technology

Innovation with a personal touch. The most secure and
 fastest private cloud.


Maatwerk HRM

Driven by employee empowerment



Enjoy innovation, we secure IT.


Often a growth hold-up or the lack of insight how to maximize growth in new markets is a reason to talk to us. After a free scan, we quickly find out where the issues and growth opportunities are. We will offer you a budget proposal and an action plan for the first analysis steps. Business development as a service consists of three phases: Analysis, Design, and Implementation.

The Analyse phase consists of brainstorm sessions, questionnaires, research, and sometimes we apply role play sessions to discover the best growth scenario for your organisation.

Thanks to our resources like our marketing databases, online services, press contacts, investors network, and consultants, we are able to derive the best business model and discover the most likely disruptions in your markets. Together with key players within your organisation we design a vision, mission, and strategy. Additionally, a master plan will be presented on how we will achieve the results.

The Design phase will be used to make a detailed business plan including an optimised master plan for 1 to 2 years. Additionally, we offer you a proposal for posting some of our team members to team up with your staff for the Implementation phase. This to offer you 100% commitment in achieving results.

Stap 1

(1 month)

Stap 2

Design growth strategy
(2 months)

Stap 3

Implementation and targets
(12 to 24 months)


  1. You get a quick overview of possible growth scenarios, thanks to our contacts and marketing databases. 
  2. Higher rate of success, thanks to our experience in cultural changes within organisations.  We ensure an approach that will make your organisation more flexible.
  3. More synergy and exposure for your organisation. You will be part of our extensive network and therefore able to leverage from strength.
  4. Most expertise we have inhouse to design en implement the best business development service for you. 
  5. Commitment for one year or more having an OTE construction. Not only analyses and advise. By teaming up with your employees we make sure we reach those targets.
  6. Flexible use of our staff and resources. Thanks to our commitment and modern digital technologies we have the ability to operate in a wide range of regions.

Address and phone

Armana Business Development
P.O. 7206, 5980 AE, PANNINGEN
Phone: +31 (0)6 391979 31


COC: 62564625
VAT: 159693585B01
Bank: NL86 KNAB 07 22 55 8147 

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